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The hybrid Nail Polish That applies  like a polish, wears flawlessly for 14days of high gloss shine, and is removes in minutes. “Say good-bye to chips, smudges, and dry time and Hello SHELLAC!”




Shellac Express Manicure                      

Inc: File and cuticle care.                                                      

45 min £ 25



Luxury Shellac CND SPA Manicure            

Creamy milk bath soak, cuticle removal & nails shaped, moisture scrub, illuminating mask with heated mitts, hand and lower arm  massage finished with a soothing cream, nails are buffed to a shine and  shellac polish applied                                          

1 hr  30 min £ 37




Removal of Shellac                                         

£ 7


Shellac Express Pedicure  

​Inc: File and cuticle work.                                                     

60 min  £ 27



Luxury Shellac CND SPA Pedicure                            

Mineral bath soak, cuticle removal & nail shaping, marine salt scrub to feet and legs, sea scrub applied to feet if extra exfoliation needed. Sea serum applied to calluses, marine cooling mask, heated booties worn for intense absorption, foot and lower leg massage, shellac polish applied                   

1hr 30 min  £ 42



SHELLAC Rockstar Nail’s

Why not go on the wild side and bling up your manicure with Rockstar glitter nail art.                                                                   

£ 30

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