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Express Pedicure

A quick fix for tired feet! Inc: File and Cuticle care, and polish. 

30 min £ 20


CND SPA PEDICURE             

Mineral bath soak, cuticle removal & nail shaping, marine salt scrub to feet and legs, sea scrub applied to feet if extra exfoliation needed. Sea serum applied to calluses, marine cooling mask, heated booties worn for intense absorption, foot and lower leg massage, nails buffied to shine and polish applied                                                       ​1hr 30 min £ 30



Minx Nail Wraps

Get The hottest celebrity fashion accessory.  With over 150 different designs to chooses from.


Full set                                                                  

​45 min £ 20



Paraffin Wax treatment


Indulge those tired hands or feet with this ultimate moisturising treatment.                                                                                               

30 min £ 15



Callus Peel Treatment


Soften hard calluses quickly leaving beautifully soft feet in this 15 Min treatment can be added into a pedicure or done as a treatment on its own.


Added to any Pedicure                                         

£ 10


As a Treatment on its own                                    

£ 20